Tips to Secure your Child's Future

There is great happiness and joy that accompanies the birth of a new baby in a family. Everyone, especially the mother and father are quite overwhelmed at the prospect of a new member of their family. However, the birth of a child comes with a lot of responsibilities to the parents that they must ensure to carry out. The parents are the first and important people in a child's life to be responsible for the present and future life of the child. Before one reaches the age of 18 where he/she can now take care of themselves, it is upon the parents to ensure every right, needs and requirements of the child are fulfilled. A child's future does not only involve financial security, but social, mental and spiritual well-being in the future.

How to Improve the Social Status of Disabled People

It's estimated that more than 650 million people worldwide have a disability. This is about 10% of the global population. Most people with disability live in the developing countries.

5 Finest Orator Training Institutes in the UK

Many people find themselves out of their depths when it comes to expressing their thoughts eloquently. This often stems from low self-esteem issues, the fear of been derided as an incompetent,